Vulcanised Vegetable Oils - For Natural & Synethetic Rubbers

"Vulcanol" (Vulcanised Vegetable Oils) is the trade name encompassing a wide variety of vulcanized vegetable oils. These materials are produced by the reaction of vegetable oil with sulphur or sulphur monochloride. The "Vulcanol" range offes a wide choice of grades that can perform as processing aids, extenders or as a plasticizer for rubber base formulations.


"Vulcanol" plays an important role in achieving specific set of properties in a rubber product, besides, felicitating smooth processing. The incorporation of "Vulcanol" in rubber compound offers following properties.

  • "Vulcanol" can replace some or all of the platicizer and process oils in some rubber compounds.

  • "Vulcanol" acts as a processing aid that will improve mixing, extrusion and calendering.

  • "Vulcanol" can act as an extending filler without impairing final physical properties.

  • "Vulcanol" improves the green strength and dimensional stability of rubber preforms and profiles.

  • "Vulcanol" develops a thixotropic rheology reducing temperature buildup during mixing while improving compound flow.

  • Vulcanol" reduce swell and shrinkage resulting in a more dimensionally stable final product.

  • "Vulcanol" can improve oil and ozone resistance in selected compounds.

  • "Vulcanol" permits the incorporation of higher plasticizer levels while reducing their migration.

   Vulcanol Specifications
Grades Vegetable Oil Type Acetone Extract % Petroleum
Ether Extract %
Ash Max. % Specific Gravity@ 20 DEG. C. Soluble Sulphur Max. % Form PDF
BROWN G2  CASTOR  25-30  0.5  1.040.05  1.0  GRANULES  Request
BROWN G5  CASTOR  15-20  0.5  1.040.05  1.0  LUMPS  Request
SOFTICE  CASTOR  30-35  0.5  1.040.05  1.0  GEL CAKE  Request
NITREX  CASTOR  10-14  0.5  1.040.05  1.0  GRANULES  Request
GOLDEN A  CASTOR  9-14  16-20  1.150.05  1.0  POWDER  Request
BROWN BNH  RAPESEED  20-25  0.5  1.050.05  1.0  GRANULES  Request
BROWN BN  RAPESEED  25-30  0.5  1.040.05  1.0  GRANULES  Request
BROWN BN SOFT  RAPESEED  34-40  0.5  1.040.05  1.0  GRANULES  Request
BROWN BE  RAPESEED  44-50  0.5  1.000.05  1.0  GRANULES  Request
ERA WHITE  RAPESEED  14-20  8-12  1.100.05  0.05  POWDER  Request
WHITE G  RAPESEED  14-20  8-12  1.100.05  0.05  POWDER  Request
WHITE XL  RAPESEED  3.5-5.5  2.5-3.5  1.080.05  0.50  POWDER  Request
WHITE SPL-32  RAPESEED  13-17  30-35  1.300.20  0.50  POWDER  Request
WHITE MBA  RAPESEED  20-25  15-20  1.140.15  0.50  POWDER  Request

  • Printing rollers and blankets

  • Eraser Compounds

  • Rubberized fabric

  • Open cured profiles and hose

  • Sponge & cellular goods

  • Tubes and profiles

  • Rubber Threads

  • Seals, O-rings, Gaskets & Packing 



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