Vinoprene / Vinoplast are a group of nitrile rubber (NBR) / Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) blends. Certain grades of NBR and PVC are highly compatible at any blending ratio. The blend partners retain their critical individual properties while improving their overall properties synergestically.

Vulcanizates based on NBR/PVC blends possesses excellent ozone resistance, fuel resistance and abrasion resistance while maintaining excellent extrusion characteristics.


"Vinoplast" is the family name of NBR/PVC Polymer blends where PVC is equivalent or dominant blend partner. These materials are available in granule as well as sheet form and processed in the same equipment of standard platics. Products from vinoplast blends demonstrate excellence in abrasion resistance, oil resistance and ozone resistance. Like other plastics, most of the grades are reprocessable.

"Vinioplast" is available in three regular grades, 510, 511 and 582. These grades differ primarily in mooney viscocity and NBR/PVC/Plasticizer blend ratio.

   Vinoplast Specifications
Grades NBR:PVC
ML 1+4 at 100
deg. Centigrade
Speific Gravity
At 20 deg.
(plus/minus 0.01)
Form Colour Staining/
Non Staining
466  40/60  39  1.08  Sheets  Light Yellow  Non staining  Request
510  50/50  72  1.13  Sheets  Light Yellow  Non staining  Request
550  50/50  129  1.16  Sheets  Light Yellow  Non staining  Request
555  50/50  81  1.15  Sheets  Light Yellow  Non staining  Request
582  22/78  104  1.19  Granules  Light Yellow  Non staining  Request

  • Ozone Resistance

  • Flame Resistance

  • Oil Resistance

  • Fuel/Solvent Resistance

  • Abrasion Resistance

  • Ageing Resistance 


  • LPG House

  • Petroleum Hose

  • Cable Sheeting

  • Shoe Sales

  • Automative Parts

  • Printing Rolls 



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