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Rishiroop Ltd. (formerly known as Puneet Resins Ltd.)


Rishiroop Ltd. formerly known as Puneet Resins Ltd.) was incorporated in 1984 in the State of Maharashtra. The company has its Registered Office at Bombay and factory at Satpur MIDC, Nasik.

The company is a public limited company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. It has received ISO 9001:2000 Certification and has been a pioneer in introducing various grades of rubber compounds in India. Currently its products are exported to various developed markets across the globe.

Rishiroop Ltd. (formerly known as Puneet Resins Ltd.) has been producing high quality products through innovation, development and improvement meeting each customer's requirements.

The Company has been manufacturing Rubber & PVC Compounds which have specialised properties such as oil resistance, flame retardancy, ozone resistance, fuel and solvent resistance, etc. These compounds are used to make products such as petrol hose, LPG tubes, footwear, auto parts, protective clothing, seals, conveyor belts, etc.


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